Testimonials for Mac Repair

Donovan has been my “Mac mechanic” for over 15 years now and has never failed to fix any problems I’ve had. He is always there for his clients to solve the most difficult Mac problem … there is no one better!” -BK, Consultant

Donovan has not only provided invaluable services in resolving my Macintosh technical problems; he has also provided me with a substantial education in all things Mac and enabled me to become my own repair expert when needed. However, after almost a decade of superior service and training, I call on him whenever the problem seems too big for me. I recommend him to all Mac users at all levels of sophistication. -DG, Writer

I have been a client since Mac-Minded opened for business twelve years ago. Since I do not have time or patience, Mac-Minded has done just about everything for me, from re-formatting my computer, diagnostics, installing needed software, helping with decisions about purchases, and much more. I have referred Donovan Wick and Mac-Minded to many people and have always told them that Donovan is always available via phone for emergency situations. Donovan’s knowledge of Mac technology far exceeds any other consultants. Anyone I have referred Donovan/Mac-Minded to has agreed with me 100%. Donovan will work on a problem until it is fixed. -JB, Marketing

Being a client of Mac-Minded has provided me with a sense of great relief, knowing that Donovan responds to our needs and problems quickly and has always resolved any technical issues. Specifically, we needed his services to grow with new technology, help in deciding what equipment and software we needed to allow our office to network and run efficiently.  He made sure that our business is up and running with expert monthly maintenance, and have gone above and beyond expectations. The peace of mind Mac-Minded offers is priceless as a business owner. He speaks with patience in terms a non-technical person can understand and without condescension. Donovan is personable, calming, knowledgeable, and dependable—a blessing to me professionally and personally. -PW, Counseling Center

I’m a bit of a novice with the computer and Donovan has been a great teacher of all the features and benefits of my computer system.  I do a lot with photos.  Donovan has helped me organize these files and also helped me prepare a DVD of a series of photos I had made.  I ask Donovan to spend an hour or two with me periodically to go through my computer to remove all the garbage that seems to clutter the system and slow it down.  He is always available and very accommodating of my schedule.  He is also available by phone. Donovan is very personable, a good teacher and a top of the line expert in Mac systems.  He is also of high integrity. 15 years a client, and grateful for it. -GL, Retired Accountant/Board Member of Various Companies

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