El Capitan – Is it worth it?

Although I have been professionally involved in Apple technology for more than a decade, I have avoided blogging until now. I accept that blogs are here to stay and I might actually have some helpful opinions to share.

It seems appropriate to start with perhaps the most important issue for Mac users – choosing which operating system to have on your machine. Although Apple would have us all jump on the latest, greatest, and shiniest new product, I have a different opinion.

For starters, I do not believe upgrading to a new release of an OS X is a good idea for at least a few months. All too often I field phone calls from clients who inevitably have problems in one form or another, from lost data to slow performance. Despite what you might think, Apple makes mistakes. In fact, the average new OS has lots of small issues and bugs that must be worked out over the subsequent months by the development teams in Cupertino. Once an OS gets to the 3rd or 4th update, I begin to have faith that everything is copacetic.

I would also like to note that depending on the age and generation of your Mac, taking it to the highest possible upgrade is not always the best action. With each subsequent OS X release, operating systems inevitably get bigger, and take more resources to run, rending some older Macs unusable.

Lastly, it is vital that your Mac have a good, healthy foundation before you bring in a new OS. As my clients have heard me say for years, computers are a lot like cars. They need “oil changes” or, more accurately, tune ups. Especially before a major system upgrade, you should run maintenance on your system, or better yet, call me and I will not only do it for you, and teach you how to do it yourself for the future, if you wish.

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