Monthly Archives: January 2016

Did Apple just get rid of USB?

Not exactly, but the first time you look at the new 2015-2016 MacBooks that come in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey, you’ll notice alarmingly few ports to work with. In fact, I counted just 2 – a port for your headphones and a small port that resembles the lightning port found on the iPhone 5 […]

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El Capitan – Is it worth it?

Although I have been professionally involved in Apple technology for more than a decade, I have avoided blogging until now. I accept that blogs are here to stay and I might actually have some helpful opinions to share. It seems appropriate to start with perhaps the most¬†important issue¬†for Mac users – choosing which operating system […]

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Hello world!

After 10 years with the same web site, I’ve decided to start a new fresh one. My hope is that my blog postings will help my existing 300+ clients and possibly attract some new ones. I’m thrilled to share with you some of my wisdom as an Apple Consultant!

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